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How to Edit a Podcast in Resound (Cut, Keep, Adjust)
How to Edit a Podcast in Resound (Cut, Keep, Adjust)

Learn how to review the edits detected by Resound

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Resound detects edits like umms and ahhs with machine learning technology, but gives you control over which edits are approved and ignored.

Your edits are non-destructive, so don’t stress. You can go back and change them later if you change your mind.

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Upload audio (processing begins automatically)

  2. Press the play button to begin reviewing your edits

  3. Review your edits

    1. Cut: Clicking approve means the audio will be cut out (Edits you cut are red)

    2. Keep: Clicking keep means the audio will stay in (Edits you keep are green)

    3. Review: Unreviewed edits are blue

    4. Adjust: Grab the blue handlebars next to an edit to adjust the start and end boundaries of that edit

  4. 🎉 Export a WAV, MP3, or AAF of each individual track.

🔊 Instant Preview: How to hear how your edits sound in Resound

Reviewing your edits is critical to make sure that each word you cut out doesn’t break up the flow of your conversation or make you sound like a robot. To hear how an edit will sound in Resound, simply click “cut” when reviewing your edits, move the playhead back before the edit (or click the left navigation button or arrow key), and listen back to your audio.

Edits that are unreviewed will play back the original audio, edits that are kept will play the original audio, and edits that are cut will skip over the audio that is going to be deleted during the export process.

How It Works

  • As you review edits, the counter in the top of the Editor Modal will update to show you how many edits you have left

  • You can cut, keep, adjust, and go back to change your edits at any time

  • No need to stress, edits are auto-saved as you work

  • Multitrack editing allows you to upload 2+ tracks into Resound, detects filler sounds (umms and ahhs) in both tracks, and applies your edits to both tracks while keeping them in sync. Learn how it works here.

⚡️ Pro Tip: Work faster with keyboard shortcuts. Click up to cut, down to keep, and left and right to move between edits. Click spacebar to start and stop.

Are you still having trouble after following the steps above? Send us a message in the chat below to get help.

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