Silence Detection

How to find and remove boring silence from your audio

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Resound’s Silence Detection automatically identifies long and boring silences that will distract your audience and lead to listener drop-off. It works by analyzing your waveform to find segments that fall below a specific threshold of loudness.

Resound detects silences that are 2 seconds or longer that are -50 DB or quieter.

There are two ways to cut silences:

  • Automatically cut all silences in a single click (recommended)

  • Manually review each edit

How it works (Step-by-step)

  1. Log into Resound at

  2. Upload your file(s)

  3. Resound processes your audio, detecting filler sounds and silent regions

  4. Review each edit manually or click the Editor Settings ⚙️, then click Cut All Silences to remove them in a single click

  5. Export your edited file to upload to your podcast hosting app or continue editing

Are you still having trouble after following the steps above? Send us a message in the chat below to get help.

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