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How to report a bug in Resound
How to report a bug in Resound
Updated over a week ago

If you're reading this because you are experiencing a bug in Resound, we're very sorry. Please follow this guide to report the bug you found so we can fix it once and for all, as fast as possible.

How to report a bug

1. Pick where you want to report the bug

You can report bugs to Resound by submitting a ticket in the app. Simply click the icon in the bottom right corner after you log in, or bottom right of this page.

2. Send as much detailed information as possible

The less information we have the longer it will take to resolve the bug, so please share as much information as you can to help us understand the situation.

Consider sharing:

  • Summary of the Problem: What do you want to do, and what is happening instead?

    • Remember, the more detailed you can be faster we can fix the problem.

  • File Information: What kind of file(s) are you trying to upload?

    • What is their file format (e.g. WAV)?

    • How big are they (e.g. 23 mb)?

    • How many are there (e.g. 4 tracks)?

  • Screenshot(s): Images or videos are incredibly helpful to report bugs to us.

3. (Optional) Upload a screenshot of the developer console so we can see what errors are thrown

This step is optional, but can greatly speed up the process of fixing a bug.

1. Right-click on the page Click "Inspect" and click "Console"

2. Take a screenshot of what you see in the Console

3. Send us the screenshot

Still not sure how to find the Developer Console in your browser? Read this helpful guide to finding your browser's Developer Console.

4. Wait for Resound to reply

We'll reach out to let you know that our team saw your bug and is working to fix it. And we'll reach out when it's fixed as well. Keep an eye on your email for updates, and feel free to reach back out if you haven't heard from us.

Still have questions after reading? Submit a ticket in the messenger below.

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