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How to export and download files
How to export and download files
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After you have uploaded your audio, processed it, and reviewed your edits, the final step is to download your project

This is a two-step process in Resound:

  1. Export: Apply all edits you made and prepare final files for downloading

  2. Download: Download the files to your device

How to export and download a project in Resound

There are two ways to export projects from Resound, we’ll cover both below step-by-step.

Option 1: Export a project from the Editor

1. Log into Resound

2. Open the project you want to export

3. Click “Export Audio” in the bottom right corner

4. Select your file format(s) (WAV, MP3, AAF)

5. Click Export

6. Download your project

Option 2: Export a project from the Action Menu (···)

  1. Log into Resound

  2. Locate the project you want to export

  3. Click the Action Menu (···) within that project

  4. Click “Export Audio"

  5. Select your file format(s) (WAV, MP3, AAF)

  6. Click Export

  7. Download your project

A few notes on exporting

  • Multitrack projects will default to exporting a single merged track in whatever file format you select. But you can also export individually edited files by clicking the three dots (···) next to the file format and selecting “Include individual tracks”.

  • Exporting Enhanced files: If Enhance is on, the exported files will be enhanced; if Enhance is turned off, the exported files will be your original audio files.

  • Your file(s) will be saved to your computer's Downloads folder automatically.

  • Exports work in the background, even if you leave the page or close your browser.

  • You’ll get an email when your export is ready to download.

  • You can opt out of email notifications anytime by clicking the link at the bottom of the email to opt out of Project Status Updates.


Why is the export button disabled/grayed out?

The Export Audio button in Resound will be disabled until you have made at least one change to your audio file. That means you need to cut an edit, adjust the boundary of an edit, make a manual cut by right-clicking on the waveform, or turn on Enhance to mix your audio.

Learn more about how to review your edits and Enhance audio here.

Where do downloads get saved on my computer?

Resound automatically downloads files you export into your local computer’s Downloads folder.

How long does it take to export and download a project?

Exporting can take anywhere from 60 seconds to 15 minutes or more. This depends primarily on the speed of your internet connection, the size of your file(s), the number of files, and the number of file formats you choose to export.

Because of how subjective this is, it’s hard to give a concrete time that it takes.

As soon as you click “Export” in Resound, the app begins the process of making edits to your audio files, keeping multitrack projects in sync, preparing your file names, and zipping them up into an organized folder.

If you believe the app is not working (and it’s been exporting for more than 30 mins) feel free to reach out in the app messenger to get support.

Export and download is not working. What should I do?

If exporting your audio from Resound is not working, here’s what you should do:

  • If Resound is exporting but it’s been less than 10-30 mins, keep waiting a bit longer. Sometimes it takes a long time if your file is large, you have a multitrack project, you selected multiple file formats, or your internet connection is slow. (You can also run a free internet speed test to see if that is the problem)

  • If Resound is stuck at 100%, that means we are preparing your file to download. This can sometimes take a while (30-60 seconds), but we will automatically download your file as soon as it’s ready into your Downloads folder. If you want to close the app and come back later you can do that too. Just click the green checkmark next to your project to download the latest exported version when you jump back into the app. Learn more about this issue here.

  • If Resound is exporting and has been stuck for 30 minutes or more without showing any progress, contact us in the app messenger.

Can I close the app during export?

Yes, you can safely close the app and come back later to retrieve your download.

Simply start an export, make sure you see the progress status appear, close the app, and come back later. If you come back later you will see a small green download icon next to the project. Click that icon to start downloading your most recent export.

Still have questions after reading? Submit a ticket in the messenger below.

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