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How to export mp4 videos from Resound
How to export mp4 videos from Resound

Experimental Beta feature

Updated over a week ago

You can now export an edited mp4 file from Resound!

Before we dive into how it works, here are a few things you need to know...

  • This is an experimental beta feature, so we anticipate bugs. Please share feedback here or open a chat in the app.

  • You will only see the option to export .mp4 if you upload an mp4 video file. We do not currently support video exports for any other video formats.

  • Video files are much larger than audio, so exporting takes longer. Feel free to start an export, close the app, and we will email you when your download is ready.

  • Silent videos cannot be edited in Resound. There must be audio in your mp4 file for uploading to work.

How it works

1. Log into Resound

2. Upload an mp4 video file

3. Review edits (learn more about this process here)

4. Click "Export Audio" then select ".mp4"

5. Wait for your export

A few notes on exporting

  • Feel free to close the progress bar, work on something else, or leave the app entirely while you wait. Resound will keep exporting in the background!

  • Exporting Enhanced files: If Enhance is on, the exported files will be enhanced; if Enhance is turned off, the exported files will be your original audio files.

  • Your file(s) will be saved to your computer's Downloads folder automatically.

  • You’ll get an email when your export is ready to download.

  • You can opt out of email notifications anytime by clicking the link at the bottom of the email to opt out of Project Status Updates.

Video Export FAQs

Do video exports work with multitrack projects?

Resound does not currently support multitrack video projects. The beta version of video exports only allows you to export MP4 video for single-track projects.

Why is my export stuck at 34%?

The export progress bar may occasionally appear "stuck" at 34%. However, the app is still processing your export under the hood.

Feel free to start an export, close the app, and we will email you when your download is ready. We plan to make this progress bar smoother and share more granular feedback on the export progress soon.

Still have questions after reading? Submit a ticket in the messenger below.

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