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How to upload and process files
How to upload and process files
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The first step of editing your podcast in Resound is to upload a file or multiple files into the app and process them. Resound’s processing will identify edits like filler sounds and long silences and suggest edits. Resound suggests and you decide.

Here's how...

How to upload file(s) and process in Resound

1. Log in to Resound.

2. Click "Upload a File” or drag and drop file(s).

3. Locate the files you want to process on your computer.

  • If uploading only 1 file, just click the file name

  • If uploading multiple files, hold down Shift then select all the files you wish to upload

4. Wait for your files to upload.

The progress bar will show you the status of your uploads.

Pro Tip: Feel free to edit an episode while you wait but do not leave the page and do not refresh the page or your upload will fail. Once your upload is complete you can safely leave the page or close your browser and come back to keep working on it later.

5. Click Process Audio and confirm you want to begin.

This will run your audio through our Filler Sound Detection and Silence Detection to find all your umms and ahs and long pauses. Feel free to move around the app, work on another project while you wait, etc.

6. Click Review edits.

After you finish uploading and processing your audio you can start reviewing the edits that Resound suggested, then export your audio.

7. Export and download master audio!

The very last step is to export and download your audio from Resound. Learn how to do that in this guide here.


What file formats can I upload to Resound?

How long does it take to upload and process audio in Resound?

Processing in Resound can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 15 minutes or more. This depends primarily on the speed of your internet connection, the size of your files, and the number of files. Because of how subjective this is, it’s hard to give a concrete time that it takes.

As soon as you drop a file into Resound, the app begins a multi-step process of (1) uploading your file, (2) processing it, then (3) creating an editing session for you to review.

Uploading the file takes the longest time, and that is why the main factor that slows down this process is the size of files and your individual internet speed.

Soon Resound will add a progress bar so you can track the status of your files as they are uploaded into the app, giving you more transparency into how long it’s taking.

In the meantime, if you believe the app is not working (and it’s been more than 10-20 mins with your project) feel free to reach out in the app messenger to get support.

Uploading and processing is not working. What should I do?

If uploading your audio file to Resound is not working, here’s what you should do:

  • If Resound is not letting you upload a specific file, make sure you are using a file that matches the file formats Resound accepts. If you have a file format that we do not accept, we recommend using to convert to a WAV file.

  • If Resound is not letting you upload a multitrack project, there could be two problems. First, make sure you have upgraded to a paid plan to unlock this feature. Second, make sure you are uploading 4 or less files at one time. Currently Resound only supports up to 4 files at a time. If this limit is an issue, reach out and let us know.

  • If Resound is processing but it’s been less than 10-30 mins, keep waiting a bit longer. Sometimes it takes a long time if your file is large, you have multiple files to upload, or your internet connection is slow. (You can also run a free internet speed test to see if that is the problem)

  • If Resound has been processing for 30 mins or more, something might have failed. Reach out to our team to get support. Under normal circumstances Resound should not take more than roughly 10 minutes to process a project, but for some massive projects like 4K video files it can take a really long time, even more than 30 minutes. But if you suspect that something is truly not working, reach out to us in the app Messenger and let us know.

Batch uploads: Can I upload and process multiple projects at a time?

Yes! You can upload and process multiple projects in Resound at the same time. To do so, simply upload one project at a time. As soon as one project starts uploading you can drag in another file(s) and upload as many as you like (within the limit of your current plan's processing time).

Still have questions after reading? Submit a ticket in the messenger below.

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