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How to verify your email in Resound
How to verify your email in Resound

What to do if you can't get a verification email or can't get access to Resound

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First of all, thanks so much for trying to sign up for Resound to automate your editing!

Every user who creates an account at has to verify their email before accessing the app. These emails look something like this screenshot below:

The subject line of the email says "Please verify your email to get started!"

Sometimes people get stuck during this email verification process. If you are having trouble verifying your email to create a new account, this post is for you.

There are several reasons this might be happening. In this article, I’ll help you find the root issue, fix it, and gain access to Resound!

There are two problems that people occasionally experience when creating a new account in Resound:

  1. You’re not receiving the verification email

  2. You cannot access your account even after clicking the “verify” button in the email

Problem #1: You’re not receiving the verification email

If you have not received the verification email from Resound, there could be a few reasons for this issue.

To troubleshoot, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Have you confirmed you spelled your email correctly?

If you misspelled your email, please log out of the app (in the footer) and create a new account with the correct email.

2. Have you checked your email’s spam folder?

3. Have you waited 2-10 minutes?

Most emails arrive in 30 seconds, but some take longer. If you just landed on the page give it at least 2-10 minutes to come through.

4. Have you clicked “Resend email”?

If not, click this button to try sending the email a second time. Make sure you also check your spam folder after doing this.

5. Have you created an account with this email in the past and later deleted it?

If so, you were automatically unsubscribed from all future emails whenever you deleted your account, which means you cannot create another account with the same email.

To fix this issue, log out of the app and create another account with a different email to get unstuck.

Please note that it is against Resound’s terms of use to create multiple accounts to “game the system” and keep reusing free trials over and over without paying. We understand that some scenarios will require you to create more than one account. However, if you are found to be gaming the system your accounts will be blocked.

6. Are you still experiencing a problem after asking yourself questions 1-5?

If so, please click the chat icon in the app to submit a ticket to our team.

Problem #2: You cannot access the account even after clicking the “Verify” button in the email

Problem 1, not receiving a verification email, is the most common problem users experience when creating a new account. However, in some rarer cases, users do receive the email, but clicking on the link fails to work and they get locked out of the account.

If this happened to you, please click the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the app to submit a ticket to our team.

Still have questions after reading? Submit a ticket in the messenger below.

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