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My export is stuck at 100%, how do I download my edited files?
My export is stuck at 100%, how do I download my edited files?
Updated over a week ago

Did your export get stuck at 100% in Resound and stay frozen indefinitely? If so, your export has finished but your file failed to initiate a download.

There are two ways to fix this problem.

1. If the export progress bar is still on screen, simply click the link that says "if your download does not start automatically, click here."

2. If you already closed out the export progress bar, simply go to your project in the app and click the checkbox. This will download your most recently exported file(s).

An important note about the Export and Download process

Sometimes when you export a big file, the export progress bar goes to 100% then disappears, but nothing downloads.

That is because, behind the scenes, Resound is preparing your download. BUT, for really big files, this can take some time.

To fix this, we've added a message that pops up telling you that says "Preparing your download. This could take a moment."

Once the download is ready it will arrive in your download folder.

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